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Sorting Realm

Elf, Dwarf, Hobbit or Man? Come and be Sorted!

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Here at sorting realm you are sorted into one of Tolkien's primary Races: Elves, Men, Dwarves, or Hobbits. From there on you get to live in the following communities: shire_realm, eressea_realm khazad_realm, and numenor_realm. And you and the other Races have access to beleriand_realm, where you all may live in prosperity.


Please, please take your time and give your application some serious thought! You don't have to write an essay for each answer (although you do need to answer every question!), but the sorters need to have adequate information so they can distinguish certain characteristics in you and sort you into the appropriate race. Short, vague answers can't help us determine whether you're a Hobbit, an Elf, a Dwarf, or a Man, and they could result in you being sorted as a Race you wouldn't enjoy.

Each Saturday new members will be announced. So Elves, Hobbits, Dwarves, and Men who have already been sorted have from Sunday until early Friday to sort new people. During that time, applicants can post their applications.

Important: Please read these instruction carefully so that your application will display properly!

Please don't remove the bold HTML tags in the application, as it will be hard to read! Also, please make sure to post this using livejournal's HTML editor rather than the Rich Text editor - with the Rich Text editor, the essential lj-cuts and HTML will not work. For those new to LiveJournal and/or HTML, be sure to start your answer a space after the "</b>" or your whole answer will be in bold type. Where you see "text" in the lj-cut line enter whatever text you want to lead to your application. Example: lj-cut text="this is me"


Sorting stamps and application provided by shieldmaidenjen.

After being sorted feel free to pick out an icon made by _grayswandir_ here.

Rules while being sorted:

1.In the subject of your application put the words "Middle-earth".
2.Please do not comment during your application.
3.Please do not alter any of the HTML tags. This includes changing the color of the text or size of the font, or adding anything to the application. We would like to be able to read your application.
4. Once you've been sorted as a Race, there will be no resorting! We need representatives of all the races, not just Elves and Men. Tolkien loved and created them all, so be proud of your race, whatever it is! The only small loophole regarding this rule can be found in this post.

Rules for sorting:

1. RUDENESS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! Three warnings and you will be banned from the communities. We do not want fights during sortings between members or applicants. If you must criticize, do it nicely. We will be reading all of the comments!
2. If an applicant has not read the books, but still has a very good application, do not judge them because they have only seen the movies. This is a community for all Tolkien fans.
3. Put your Race in your subject line.
4. When you sort a person, put the Race you've chosen for them in bold. If you think the person is a Hobbit, you should put Hobbit.

If you're wondering what this ring of communities has to offer, check out the user info for tolkiens_realm here!

(Still a bit confused about the sorting process? Please read this post!)

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One more Maia for this Realm would be nice! Apply here!