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Middle Earth

Posted by eaglesspirit on 08.13.2007 at 9.18.am

Name: Tiffany

Age: 17 in less than a month

Talents: Singing, dancing, sneaking, friendship, masking feelings, athletic, leadership, organized, being able to distinguish fact from emotion

1. What do you think of J.R.R. Tolkien? I think he was a wonderful with a wonderful imagination. He created a whole new world to be able to escape to with a story filled with adventure, mystery, romance... everything you could want in a book.

2. What are your thoughts on The Lord of the Rings (book and/or movies)? Well, I've read the Hobbit but not LotR - I have seen the movies, though. I think they are awesome, very realistic with a wonderful story and characters. There are several characters but each is very different and unique.

3. Which was your favorite section in the book and/or scene in the movie? I love the movie scenes where the person made a climatic character-defining decision. Examples are Arwen turning mortal, Same carrying Frodo on the back, Aragorn charing into the Mordor armies, Eowyn deciding to fight, etc, etc.

4. What is your least favorite section in the book and/or scene in the movie? Hmm... I didn't like it when Frodo betrayed Sam. Betrayal is a crushing feeling. I also didn't like the scene where Theoden said that Merry couldn't fight because of his size.

5. Have you read The Silmarillion, The Unfinished Tales, or any other of Tolkien's related works? Yes, I have read The Hobbit.

6. Who is your favorite LotR character and why? I have a few. First is Eowyn because I related to her the most - the indepence and the being held back because she was girl. But she kept fighting. I also like Sam for his undying faithfulness and loyalty - he's one I look to when I want to be a better friend. And finally, Elrond and Galadriel for their leadership and stern opposition to the ring. While they were powerful, they refused to use it's powers.

7. Who is your least favorite LotR character and why? I didn't like Wormtongue or Boromir. Wormtongue because he was coniving and scheming, etc, etc. Playing mind tricks is dirty and low. Boromir because he never stopped wanting the ring even after he saw the bad effects (not to mention knowing them before hand).

8. What are your thoughts on technology? Technology is a wonderful thing and makes our lives easier and the world smaller. However, technology comes with a responsiblity to use it properly and it just isn't. There's so much bad that's done with it (especially the internet) and it's foolishness. Technology without wisdom is foolishness and if the moral decline would stop without technology (mainly the internet) then I would give it up.

9. What are your thoughts on nature? Wow, I love nature. I like nothing better than to be walking in a park, forest, field, beach, etc all alone to collect my thoughts. There's a certain peace that settles over me when I'm surrounded by natural and I love it even though nature is violent sometimes. Personally, I would love to live on a ranch (with horses!) or on the beach.

10. What are your thoughts on war? War is horrible - it always is. But war is sometimes necessary because people become so evil and twisted that war is the only to stop them. Innocent people will die and there will be heartbreak. If a war is to stop evil, I will support and even fight in it. I don't support wars that spring from petty feuds and one ruler invading another's land.

11. What do you think are your top five positive characteristics? Hmmm... ok, some of these are similiar so there are a few I will group together. Independent, mature, passionate/firey, reflective/thoughtful, caring/kind

12. What do you think are your top five negative characteristics? Tempermental, impatient, stubborn (though it can be positive and negative), snippy, overly critical/harsh

13. Given the choice, which race would you NOT want to be? I wouldn't want to be a dwarf because they live in mountains (I hate being enclosed) and they're greedy (always wanting treasure) and... they can frankly just be rude.

14. If you could live anywhere on Earth (modern, not Arda), where would it be? First off, as current events stand, I will always want to live in the US. BUT political stuff aside, definately Ireland - it's beautiful, cultural, enchanting...

15. Despite whatever your thoughts on war might be, if you were absolutely forced to go into battle, what weapon would you wield (can be modern or historical)? Hmmm, either a bow and arrow (they're precise and elegant) or a blade (cause blades are awesome). Modern - fighter pilot in the Navy all the way (I used to want to do that).

16. What are your thoughts on death? Death is tragic but inevitable - we're human and we die. However, I'm a Christian and I know that when I die I will go to Heaven to live forever. So while it is tragic here on Earth, my saved friends will see me again one day.

17. What are your favorite books (excluding LotR)? Nancy Drew, Girl in Blue, This Present Darkness

18. Describe your biggest role model. My role models are people who overcame obstacles in their childhood and teen years and went on to be great people of character who made a difference in the world around them.

19. How did you hear about sorting_realm/tolkiens_realm? From somebody's user info.

20. If you had the One Ring, what would you do with it? Be honest! To be 100% honest... I would definately destroy it. It can't be used for good - it's for destruction and evil through and through. I would destroy it to keep everyone safe.


i_eatglass at 2007-08-13 14:57 (UTC) (Link)


Well, there's a lot of Man here, but because I know you, I have to say Elf. Some of the more militant of the elves, I believe. And Elrond came across to me as both pretty impatient and stubborn. (he just rarely showed it). Why he and Boromir always butt heads.
fireflyfailure at 2007-08-13 15:06 (UTC) (Link)


Man, i think. You have an elegance counterbalanced with some Dwarf-like qualities.
Ithilien Ranger
shannon_zhang at 2007-08-13 15:11 (UTC) (Link)


Man. I like your talent..."sneaking", haha. Made me want to vote Hobbit instantly, or Stoor to be exact.
Less Miserable
inconceivablelf at 2007-08-13 16:12 (UTC) (Link)


singing, dancing, and sneaking give me a hobbitish feeling, but I have to do with man.
akichan at 2007-08-13 17:43 (UTC) (Link)


I was thinking Hobbit there for a while, but yeah, man.
Captain of the Innuendo Squad
xxtaintedlembas at 2007-08-13 18:45 (UTC) (Link)


I think you are a Man.
brazibabe at 2007-08-13 19:36 (UTC) (Link)


Not to be a tag-along, but yeah, I see man too.
The Lily Maid
vanimalda at 2007-08-13 21:23 (UTC) (Link)


I believe you are a Man.
khallandra at 2007-08-13 21:54 (UTC) (Link)


I always seem to go against the grain but I see a lot of Hobbit in you.
marie_lefay at 2007-08-13 22:54 (UTC) (Link)


I would say man cause you have so many personnality features, like humans have so many faces
songs_of_winter at 2007-08-13 23:22 (UTC) (Link)


I'm going to have to also break the trend and say Hobbit... you just strike me more that way.
dancing_author at 2007-08-13 23:36 (UTC) (Link)


Your views on death make me say Man.
newborn_doe at 2007-08-14 01:32 (UTC) (Link)


You are more of a Man than anything.
sailingwest at 2007-08-14 01:39 (UTC) (Link)


I had a hard time between Elf,Hobbit and Man. You are a very multi-faceted person for sure. In the end I would go with the noble race of Man
Boromir II's Warg Mistress
b2wm at 2007-08-14 03:08 (UTC) (Link)


I see a strong urge for fair play and loyalty... rather Hobbit-like, in my mind.
Anahana - Quentae for Balance - Just call me Anna!
sheiannasherra at 2007-08-14 06:02 (UTC) (Link)


I too see a lot of Hobbit but more Man in your answers. (Somehow I just can't picture a Hobbit wanting to be a fighter pilot in the Navy *giggle* though it is an awesome answer and ambition!)
elvenpiratelady at 2007-08-14 06:16 (UTC) (Link)


I'd say Man. I have to disagree with you about Boromir and Dwarves, but the movies committed character slander in regards to them - if you ever get around to reading the books, they're much more likeable.
summonerluna at 2007-08-14 15:37 (UTC) (Link)


I also must agree with Man for you...I got that impression from the very beginning of your application, and it just continued...I can see a bit of Elven tendencies, but your overall application leads me to believe you place logic over emotion, and you seem to have a very realistic view of the world (particularly for your thoughts on technology and war, and your weapon choice). Your positive, and especially negative charactersistics are very Human to me as well...and your passion and love of nature and freedom leads me to believe you would probably be a maiden of the Rohirrim :)

(And to reiterate what elvenpiratelady said...if you get a chance to read the books sometime, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by some of the characters from the movies that bothered you <3)
Sand Dream: Princess of the wandering Village
clever_hobbit at 2007-08-15 01:37 (UTC) (Link)


I'd say Man.
Her Hamsterness
hamsterwoman at 2007-08-15 20:18 (UTC) (Link)


Man, though with quite a few Hobbit-like characteristics
Bethany Powell
idiosyncreant at 2007-08-15 22:20 (UTC) (Link)


Well, since you won't be a Dwarf, I guess you're most Hobbit.
Smallest Giant
butterballer at 2007-08-18 14:44 (UTC) (Link)

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Anahana - Quentae for Balance - Just call me Anna!
sheiannasherra at 2007-08-18 15:06 (UTC) (Link)

OK, now you can start sorting!

Now that you are officially sorted you can begin sorting new applications! \(^o^)/ Congratulations!
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