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1. What do you think of J.R.R. Tolkien?
I think he was a genious in the sense he was both imaginative / creative and "scientific"(well, about languages for example) in his way to create stories

2. What are your thoughts on The Lord of the Rings (book and/or movies)?
The Book is wonderful cause he always feed my wild imagination. The movie is great, cause he managed to make real the very images that I had imaginated reading the book.

3. Which was your favorite section in the book and/or scene in the movie?
For now I have more the movie on mind, so I'd say the scene where Gandalf The White appears. It's always so magic to see him back this way

4. What is your least favorite section in the book and/or scene in the movie?
In the movie: Battles.I mean the big battles, like in the 2 towers.

5. Have you read The Silmarillion, The Unfinished Tales, or any other of Tolkien's related works?
The Hobbit was my 1st Tolkien book. I also read the Silmarillion.

6. Who is your favorite LotR character and why?
Gandalf. It's hard to really explain, but is at the same time comforting, spiritual, leading... I really love him.

7. Who is your least favorite LotR character and why?
Gríma Wormtongue. He is mean, a liar, lustful towards Eowyn...just what I dislike.

8. What are your thoughts on technology?
I 'm not fond of Technology. Human search so much to improve Technomogy he forgets to improve his ethics.

9. What are your thoughts on nature?
I love Nature and always feel in deep connection with it. When I'm in a natural area, even the thought of death doesn't scare me. It's like I feel I'm part of a cycle.

10. What are your thoughts on war?
I think war is horrible and never a good thing, but impossible to avoid for humans -they have it inside them.

11. What do you think are your top five positive characteristics?
Feminine, sweet, loving, creative,open-minded

12. What do you think are your top five negative characteristics?
anti-social, unconfident, anxious, lack in self-confidence,changing

13. Given the choice, which race would you NOT want to be?
Dwarves. I CAN NOT live in caves and mines lol

14. If you could live anywhere on Earth (modern, not Arda), where would it be?
Finland, and all the Northern Europe lands

15. Despite whatever your thoughts on war might be, if you were absolutely forced to go into battle, what weapon would you wield (can be modern or historical)?
A sword.

16. What are your thoughts on death?
I'm more afraid of losing the ones I love than to die. I have difficulty to accept death of my precious persons and animals. But I kow it's part of the cycle of life, and I am working to accept it. More, I don't think death is the end of all.

17. What are your favorite books (excluding LotR)?
The Hobbit, Marion Zimmer Bradley's Ladies of Avalon and Mists Of Avalon..

18. Describe your biggest role model.
Nature. Nature is my only role model. It shows us what's wrong and what's right, in its own way.

19. How did you hear about sorting_realm/tolkiens_realm?
On the profile page of some random user...

20. If you had the One Ring, what would you do with it? Be honest!

I don't think I'll use this now that we know what it is...anyway, I'm sure I'd have a strong intuition not to use it, cause I'm very sensitive to negative things...
I'll guess I'd do like Frodon, doing my best not to use it, but having to battle with the temptation...
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