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Name:  Andrea

Age: 22

Hm, I think I'm quiet a good writer and I'm pretty good in academic stuff like re-phrasing other people's thoughts. If you would count this as a talent ;) And I'm speaking very well in public.

1. What do you think of J.R.R. Tolkien?
I think he was a great writer and academic. What I really love about him is that he did not write all this fantastic fantasy because it was in or financially attractive but he wrote it for himself and the languages he created. That's a very admirable attitude in my opinion.

2. What are your thoughts on The Lord of the Rings (book and/or movies)?
The books are such a singular literary achievement that I think they're unrivalled until this day. Tolkien didn't only recreate a section of our existing world but he created a whole new experience for readers. I also love the way he used old norse mythology and biblical allusions.
I got to confess that I like the books better than the movies. I think the first movie was perfect but from then on it got worse. I don't like the fact that Peter Jackson changed certain sections (nobody needs so much Arwen) but it's nevertheless great to see the characters you love so much brought to live.

3. Which was your favorite section in the book and/or scene in the movie?
I love the whole chapter about the window to the West. The Faramir treads Gollum makes me cry every time I read it.

4. What is your least favorite section in the book and/or scene in the movie?
The three ends of The Return of the King were really a bit much (movie) ;)

5. Have you read anything like the Silmarillion or The Unfinished Tales?
Yes, I read The Silmarillion (and I prefer it to Lord of the Rings :)), The Unfinished Tales, The Lays of Beleriand and Tales From The Perilous Realm. Furthermore, some books not related to the Middle-earth cycle like Roverandom and some of Tolkien's academic writing.

6. Who is your favorite LotR character and why?
Faramir. I read the books since I was a teenager and I always said I'm gonna marry a guy exactly like him. He's valiant and true to himself though he is in such a difficult situation with his country and his family. I also think he is one of the most compassionate characters in the novel.

7. Who is your least favorite LotR character and why?
Hm, that's a hard question. I think every character in the book has it's function and I don't really dislike anybody. I never really warmed to Celeborn though.

8. What are your thoughts on technology?
I like using the comfort of technology (couldn't live without ipod and DVDs) but I do it consciously. I think it is important to keep the balance between making human life easier and respecting and protecting nature. I'm not totally opposed to the uses of technology but I'm clearly opposed to an over-use. Furthermore, it's really terrible how dependent we're on technical apparatus. In some areas of life it would probably be good if we would try to go back to older forms of production, especially in agriculture or medicine.

9. What are your thoughts on nature?
Nature is wonderful, not protected enough and people should be reminded that we are not the overlords of the world but just a species among many that should be equaly respected.

10. What are your thoughts on war?
I'm opposed to it in any case. I'm 100% pacifist.

11. What do you think are your top five positive characteristics?
I'm curious, intelligent, calm, bookish and tolerant.

12. What do you think are your top five negative characteristics?
I'm really impatient, curious, bossy, introverted and goofy.

13. Given the choice, which race would you NOT want to be?
I'm open for anything :P

14. If you could live anywhere on Earth (modern, not Arda), where would it be?

15. Despite whatever your thoughts on war might be, if you were absolutely forced to go into battle, what weapon would you wield (can be modern or historical)?
Something that could be used from afar like a shotgun or something like that. Yes, I'm a bit of a coward ;)

16. What are your thoughts on death?
Inevitable part of life. Natural and not to be feared.

17. What are your favorite books (excluding LotR)?
Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie, The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov, His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman

18. Describe your biggest role model.
I can't, because I have none. I don't think it's good to try to be like somebody else you should always try to live up to what's inside yourself.

19. How did you hear about sorting_realm /tolkiens_realm ?
The find -  interest function on LJ.

20. If you had the One Ring, what would you do with it? Be honest!
Sneak in on a couple of my favourite TV show sets ;)
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