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Name: Raikana (I have a policy against putting my real name online. Sorry)


Nothing “full-fledged” as yet, though I am practicing many things. Drawing, painting, writing, and learning Japanese are some of my favorite activities, though I am about to begin learning how to use the computer to create art, which should also become a favorite. Oh, and obviously, I read. Everything fiction that I can get my hands on! Preferably things with elves in them.

1. What do you think of J.R.R. Tolkien?
How about “The best fantasy author of all time”? Seriously, I have yet to read a single fantasy story better than Tolkien’s works. There are some that come close, but they all manage to screw the elves up. And nobody can match his brilliance at language! In a word? Genius.

2. What are your thoughts on The Lord of the Rings (book and/or movies)?
Well, obviously I liked either the book or the movie enough to take the time to write all of this out. But if you really want to know, I grew up on “The Hobbit” and don’t recall ever not knowing Bilbo’s story. So, when I turned nine, I deemed myself old enough to read the “big people’s” story. I took me a whole year, because the Nazgul scared me so, but I read it. And now I love it! I haven’t read it as often as most, but I hold the story in my heart, weaving it into my dreams and my thoughts.

3. Which was your favorite section in the book and/or scene in the movie?
I loved everything to do with the elves in the books. My favorite part, I think, is when Legolas sings of Nimrodel when the Fellowship stops in Lothlorien. That song is beautiful, and sad, and has been with me since the first time I read the books. I have it memorized, even, and chant it softly to myself at night sometimes. That part, along with the general description of Lothlorien: all those beautiful trees and flowers, and elves must really have been a sight to behold! In the movies, though, I love the interaction of the characters. I realize that that isn’t a “part” so much, but it’s what I like. I also love the computer animation of the various creatures such as the balrog (ooh… fire… *ahem*). Oh, and Imladris was beautiful!

4. What is your least favorite section in the book and/or scene in the movie?
My least favorite section in the books… probably the Council of Elrond, and mostly because of the first impression of a nine-year-old wondering what in Arda the big people were talking about. Now that I go back and think about the books, though, I’d have to say that the parts in Bree before Aragorn took control were just painfully stupid on the part of the Halflings. Although, one can’t blame Frodo… much. As far as the movie is concerned, everything with Arwen in it. Poor Glorfindel! Arwen stole his horse and his part in the movie! And then caused grief for Elrond and Aragorn throughout the whole thing!*fumes about pouty!Arwen…*

5. Have you read anything like the Silmarillion or The Unfinished Tales?
I tried reading both. I got through the Valquenta before deciding to focus on more modern history before attempting Tolkien’s. I will read them one day, and probably understand them a great deal more then the History I’m learning in school. But I’d like to keep my high GPA in high school, for right now, thank you.

6. Who is your favorite LotR character and why?
Favorite character? At least you haven’t asked about favorite color yet. Glorfindel. Because so little is known about it. Or perhaps Mithrandir, because for being so powerful, he’s still so caring and gentle. Or perhaps Aragorn or Boromir, who fight valiantly with honor. Or perhaps Legolas, because he is gentle, yet a fierce warrior. Or perhaps Gimli, because he can eventually give up his prejudice against Legolas and accept an elf for a friend. Or perhaps Merry and Pippin, because they’re just so innocent and pure of heart. Or perhaps Sam, because he is so loyal. Or perhaps Frodo, because he has to carry such a burden, and go through so much, just because of a little piece of gold.

7. Who is your least favorite LotR character and why?
Does the movie count? Arwen. I mean, sure she was important to Aragorn, but that doesn’t mean she could steal Glorfindel’s horse! The poor guy.

8. What are your thoughts on technology?
Technology is awesome! Gadgets are such fun. My computer can do anything. Well… maybe not. But it’s still awesome! Without technology, we wouldn’t have movies, we wouldn’t have books as widely dispersed or a cheap, we wouldn’t have my favorite type of music, we wouldn’t have caffeine! I mean, the list is endless! Technology is definitely good.

9. What are your thoughts on nature?
Beautiful! Trees are silent sentinels, watching everything that goes on, holding secrets just out of mortal reach. Bushes provide us with decoration, and berries. Flowers give sweet scents on bright colors. Nature is truly a wonderful thing and should be treated with respect.

10. What are your thoughts on war?
Hmm… war. War is war. War is two or more groups of people bickering over who gets what. War is cruel, and violent, and destructive. War kills thousands, and wounds millions, scarring history forever. However, war cannot be avoided. Not all people are kind and generous. And those that aren’t kind or generous tend to be mean, thereby creating strife and/or war. War? War is an ugly, brutal affair, but at times a necessary evil.

11. What do you think are your top five positive characteristics?
Ooh… Well. I read. Something nearly unheard of in this day and age. I enjoy learning. I’m opinionated, but not to the point that I won’t listen to other people’s ideas. I have no qualms about being who I am, if other people have a problem with it, it’s their fault. I like being able to tell people when they’ve done a good job on something.

12. What do you think are your top five negative characteristics?
Yuck. That’d be… I’m slightly arrogant. I don’t take criticism well. I put off things that I need to do in favor of things that I want to do. I’m not very outgoing. And I’m not very sure of myself.

13. Given the choice, which race would you NOT want to be?
Dwarf. Short, hairy, and foul-tempered? Why, I ask you, would anyone want that?

14. If you could live anywhere on Earth (modern, not Arda), where would it be?
Japan! They have such an interesting culture and background! I’d love to live in Japan. Next best thing would be New Zealand with its beautiful countryside. Plus, that’s where LoTR was filmed!

15. Despite whatever your thoughts on war might be, if you were absolutely forced to go into battle, what weapon would you wield (can be modern or historical)?
Going for fictional/historical, here. I’d used my bow until whatever I was fighting got close enough for me to gut it with twin katanas. Although, a shot from a bow point-blank deals a pretty good amount of damage.

16. What are your thoughts on death?
Hmm, touchy subject there. Death is the separation of the soul from the body where the soul goes to be judged according to its life. If the person was saved, they will be accepted into Heaven. If not, regardless of the number of good deeds done, they will send eternity in Hell. I don’t mean to be a doomsayer, but that’s what I believe, and you did ask…

17. What are your favorite books (excluding LotR)?
Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” series, R. A. Salvatore’s Drizzt series, Raymond E. Feist’s books set in Midkemia (and Kelewan), and “Heir Apparent” by Vivian Vande Velde. All Fantasy, but none of them get elves quite right. Though, Jordan and Velde don’t have elves in theirs at all, do they? Feist, then Salvatore, then Jordan, then Velde, it would have to go. After, of course, Tolkien.

18. Describe your biggest role model.
Um… would it be lame to say the my Mom is my biggest role model? ‘Cause she is. My art teacher is also a role model, as well as most of my family. Am I a weird teenager that I love my family? Don’t answer that… I would have to say, that there are others (that I don’t personally know, sadly) that have influenced me. Such as Tolkien (of course), Salvatore, Brian Froud, and Hayao Miyazaki (a Japanese director, who directed “Spirited Away” and “Howl’s Moving Castle”) are the primary sources of said influence.

19. How did you hear about sorting_realm /tolkiens_realm ?
You know… I can’t really remember. I think I was reading my friends page on my LJ account, and decided to look at the comments posted on one person’s post, and that person had a cool avatar, so I clicked on their profile, and in the profile was a banner for the sorting realm thingie… did that make any sense to anyone?

20. If you had the One Ring, what would you do with it? Be honest!
Honestly? I don’t know. I’d probably treat it like Bilbo did, using it as I pleased, not knowing what it was. And as soon as I found out, I would be repulsed by it. I’d like to say that I would destroy it, but by the time I would find out for certain what it was, it would probably have to great a hold on me. Although, seeing as how I have never seen the One Ring, there is no way to really answer this question, is there?
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