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July 17th, 2007


Joining the Realms - A Reminder

Posted by sheiannasherra on 07.17.2007 at 11.51.am
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I just wanted to remind our newer members that you do need to join the Realms that you are interested in. I would encourage you all to join the main tolkiens_realm community. beleriand_realm and maiar_realm along with your House/ME Race Realm are also communities that we encourage you strongly to join.

Other Tolkien's Realm Communities that may be of interest to you are:

The main reason we don't simply send out invitations to join the various Realms (other than not knowing what your specific interests are) is that Live Journal does not send out email notifications on invitations, which means that, unless you're in the habit of checking your "manage your invites" - found in the "communities" drop down menu - you wouldn't know that you'd been invited to join! -_^ Please feel free to join as many of the Tolkien's Realm Communities as you would like, even if your main interest is just to see what's going on!

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