June 30th, 2007

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New Members!

thank you for those who voted - we appreciate it very much. :)

and, of course, say hello to the shinest newest creatures to populate virtual!Arda . . .

akichan is a new hobbit
elyende is a new hobbit and
windswept_seas is a new elf

DON'T FORGET TO PARTICPATE IN THE SECOND WAR OF THE RING! (will the ring be wrested from the Race of Men?)

don't hesitate to join the other realms now that you've been sorted.
pimping tolkiens_realm, shire_realm and eressea_realm, beleriand_realm and the rpg, fanfic, fanart, graphic, discuss and CONTESTS REALM!

for questions, there's maiar_realm.

and, now, the POINTS!
sorry for the f-list spammage.

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