April 12th, 2007

Maia, maia!

Hello all! I am now the Maia of sorting_realm. I used to be a Valar, but had to quit because of real life, but that is boring. :P

This community is purely for fun as all of the other communities are. Think of it as an elaborated "What's My Middle-earth Race?" quiz. Fill out an application and see what the members sort you as! You'll get a spiffy cool banner to post in your journal(made by shieldmaidenjen) or where ever and you get access to shire_realm, eressea_realm khazad_realm, and numenor_realm, beleriand_realm where only people sorted into those races get to chat and such.

All of the other communities are open membership and this one is just for giggles.

Each Wednesday I will post the results of the of your application. If you find that you are tied between two races, a Maia from each Race will ask you questions to determine which Race you are, and Valar pick.

I may get to be making some icons for the people who want them who get sorted, but I need a picture of a woman dwarf!

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