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March 16th, 2007

LotR: Gandalf

A bit belatedly -- New member!

Posted by _grayswandir_ on 03.16.2007 at 2.05.pm
We have one new member this week:



(Note: Because I believe the votes for lalaith_raina constitute a tie by our terms, I'm going to wait until the other Valar return to declare whether she is a Hobbit or an Elf.)

Each Wednesday new members will be announced, so you'll have from Thursday until Tuesday to sort people, and during that time, applicants can join and post their applications. Members, don't forget to check back to see if new applications are up, especially if you aren't actively watching the community! Sorting other people is a big part of the fun!

For our new members: Please join tolkiens_realm and valar_realm. The choice to join other communities, apart from those exlcusive to Race, is up to you. For a list of communities, go to tolkiens_realm user info! Have fun!

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