January 13th, 2007

RotK horses


I'm going to repost this since everyone has been away for the holidays and might not have seen this :)

Since elgato_gamgins has left us, and all of the communities were a bit too many for me alone to check up on despite our wonderful volunteer Maiar, there will now be a designated "Mod Squad" at tolkiens_realm and its communities consisting of mandy_tdv, _grayswandir_, and myself. So basically there are three Valar now (possibly more in the future).

Maiar: no need to worry - you still get to do your designated duties that we've been over. :) But most of all, please encourage participation and promoting!

We want to get this place hopping, and everyone has done an excellent job of promoting in the last few weeks! *claps* Keep it up! :D
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