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January 2nd, 2007

Joker -- the world burn

Our journey to Middle-Earth must continue

Posted by highwire_heroes on 01.02.2007 at 8.42.am
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I promise you...that I am finally free...Collapse )

RotK horses


Posted by shieldmaidenjen on 01.02.2007 at 3.15.pm
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EDIT: Not again! First I go to an appointment today that I don't have until tomorrow and then I post the new members today, thinking it's Wednesday. *smacks self* Well, let's just move everything up a day this week, if that's okay. *is a moron*


We have one new member this week!

kailorien! (Welcome!)

morgainethefay( Try again in two weeks!)

Each Wednesday new members will be told. So members have Thursday until Tuesday to sort people and during that time applicants can join and post their applications. And members, don't forget to check back to see if new applications are up, especially if you aren't actively watching the community! Sorting other people is a big part of the fun!

For our new member: Join tolkiens_realm and valar_realm please. All of the other communities are up to you to join. For a list of communities, go to tolkiens_realm's user info! Have fun!

Also: _grayswandir_ and mandy_tdv, we need to look at this post and decide whether _mrowr is an Elf or a Dwarf...

ATTENTION: I still need the Maiar for shire_realm and eressea_realm to go to lilypadhead's post here and ask her a few questions. Let's get her sorted!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Pope in his grotto

01/03/07 Sorting Points (a day early ;)

Posted by _grayswandir_ on 01.02.2007 at 5.07.pm
Sorting points for this week:

Elves: 7 points
Men: 4 points
Hobbits: 7 points
Dwarves: 4 points

RotK horses

What's going on

Posted by shieldmaidenjen on 01.02.2007 at 7.31.pm
Current Mood: coldcold
Sorry for posting new members a day early! I could have sworn it was already Wednesday...anyway, tomorrow we will begin accepting new applications for this week's session; sorting starting from tomorrow, Wednesday, as opposed to Thursday is for this week only. New members will be announced next Wednesday as always and things will continue as they usually do.

This was completely my fault and I apologize. If you are still confused, read my replies in the latest new members post. :)

EDIT: I just realized that most of the sorters might not have seen the latest two applications since they were posted before last week's new member post even though they didn't count (it was a simple timing mistake on the part of the Valar). I'm not sure what to do about it since I can't move the posts up and they have been up for over a week already. Again, I apologize for the mistake. The holidays seem to have made me crazy.

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